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This page houses NAWO Knowledge Share Papers – invaluable resources that have been generated via NAWO Knowledge Share Forums.

NAWO Knowledge Share Forums are member-only events limited to 12 participants – 1 per NAWO member organisation – who are passionate about driving diversity strategies forward in their organisations. The forums are designed to inspire the co-creation of pragmatic actions that will make a difference in the topic area by:

  • providing an opportunity to share and discuss research findings
  • identifying key learnings and points for discussion
  • sharing initiatives that participating NAWO members have implemented – what works, what doesn’t
  • identifying ideas that all participants can take forward and develop further in their own organisations.

To register your interest in participating in a NAWO Knowledge Share Forum, contact us.

“We should definitely have more Knowledge Sharing Sessions – with regards to I&D, we are all in this together so as “Corporate Australia” (including Operations) we should share more broadly to improve gender/diversity across business.”

NAWO Knowledge Share participant

“Workshop exceeded my expectations. I gathered insights & used them immediately in discussions on return to my work.”

NAWO Knowledge Share participant

INSTILLING A CULTURE OF FLEXIBLE WORK –  Reflections from NAWO’s 2018 Knowledge Share Forums on flexibility

In 2018, NAWO ran three Knowledge Share Forums on ‘Instilling a culture of flexible work’ in WA, QLD and SA. Participating NAWO Member companies were: Caltex, Bluescope, Orora, ABB, BP, Visy, Bunnings, FMG, Rio Tinto, Orica, CBH, Asaleo Care, PPG, Kimberly Clark, ARTC, Dulux Group, Owens Illinois (OI Glass), Pernod Ricard, Parmalat, Detmold Group, Boral, Screening Transport and CSR.

Interestingly, these forums identified many shared concerns and barriers to embedding a flexible work culture, as well as a few great examples of innovative work and thinking. A summary of the key barriers and new initiatives is included in this Knowledge Share Paper.

It is an invaluable resource for setting the context for ongoing conversation and future activities on this topic, both within your business and throughout the NAWO network.

Looking for more resources on this topic? Check out NAWO’s Podcast “Let’s get flexible”, featuring CEO of FlexCareers, Natalie Goldman.


“3 out of 4 Australian workers support or strongly support their organisation taking action to create a workplace which is diverse and inclusive.” – DCA Inclusion@Work Index 2017-2018

If you work in an inclusive team, you are 19 times more likely to be very satisfied with your job than workers in non-inclusive teams and 4 times more likely to stay with your employer. You are also 10 times more likely to be highly effective than workers in non-inclusive teams, and 9 times more likely to innovate (DCA Inclusion@Work Index 2017-2018).

And 67% – two thirds – of people consider diversity important when deciding where to work (Glassdoor, 2014). The business case for greater gender diversity is certainly compelling, but the frustratingly slow rate of change in achieving greater diversity in leadership positions and male-dominated industries highlight that we need more than just the will to create change.

Are targets the answer? If so, what are the pitfalls and how can they be avoided?

These were the starting points for discussions at NAWO’s 2018 NSW Knowledge Share Forum on ‘gender targets and the impact of gender diversity on employment brands’, which was generously hosted by Lion and facilitated by D&I Consulting Services. Participating companies included Lion, BlueScope, Coca-Cola Amatil, Coles, George Weston Foods, Pernod-Ricard, PPG Industries and Boral.

The outcomes from this Knowledge Share Forum are now available to NAWO members as an invaluable resource for setting the context for ongoing conversation and future activities on this topic, both within your business and throughout the NAWO network:

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