Inspiring super-powered leadership


Unlocking your super powers with Strengths Based Leadership

Want to boost engagement and productivity? It’s time for some ‘strength training’!

Nobody is perfect. So why do we focus so much attention on ‘fixing’ our weaknesses, when honing our strengths can have such a profoundly positive impact?

Strengths Based Leadership is about recognising our own strengths, and the strengths of those around us, and allowing those talents to flourish.

This workshop will sharpen your focus on strengths… and help you to unlock your team’s super powers!

Course Overview

‘Leadership Workout’ is a one-day workshop, exclusively for NAWO Members*, comprised of 4 modules that will help you to unlock the talents of yourself and your team.

MODULE 1 Start with talent – finish with strengths:

An introduction to the principles of strengths-based development and understanding individual strengths profiles. Build an individual testimonial that communicates your value and strengths. Take the guess work out of how to get the best out working with others.

MODULE 2 Strengths Based Leadership:

Develop insights into how your talents can create moments of brilliance and awareness of blindspots. Stuff, Story, Skills – getting the Leadership balance right

MODULE 3 Planning for Action:

Create an action plan aligned to your strengths.


Participants in this interactive workshop:

  • Complete the Clifton Strengthsfinder to unlock their Top 5 Talents.
  • Develop a sound understanding of Strengths Based Leadership of self and others, including when to ‘dial up’ or ‘dial down’ our strengths depending on the task or focus.
  • Create an individual action plan aligned to their strengths.
  • Establish accountability partners to keep them on track.
  • Unlock their potential!

Your Facilitator – Elaine Krek

Elaine founded Prism Performance after a successful 25 years in senior sales and marketing leadership roles in the healthcare industry. She now works with individuals, leaders and teams across all industries to help make them become ‘DANGEROUS’ in what they do every day, setting them ahead of the rest and making their colleagues, clients and competitors take notice.

Elaine will show you that your best success lies in building on who you and your team are already, not in trying to become something you are not. As an accredited GALLUP Strengths coach and facilitator, Elaine’s philosophy is about embracing ‘imperfect but talented people”.

‘The Leadership Workout’ is one of NAWO’s Professional Development Programs which are exclusively for members* and are 15-20% cheaper than market rates!

Cost for NAWO Members: $900 per person (plus GST)

Download Brochure – PDP The Leadership Workout


For more information please contact NAWO Programs Consultant, Allison Dodd: E T 0405 209 982 or contact us.

*NAWO Professional Development Programs are available exclusively for NAWO Members. We offer NAWO programs at a reduced cost. The cost of this program is not covered by corporate/individual NAWO membership. for more information. For more information about NAWO membership click here.


2019 Workshops

Workshops run from 9am-4pm

“Elaine has a light touch that packs a punch.”

“I have changed my way of thinking when developing my team.”

 “The Prism workshop was one of the best development courses I’ve been to.”

“Elaine is an outstanding trainer and programs facilitator.”

– Feedback from participants in Elaine’s workshops


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