“I have recommended that the program is brought into the company. Excellent… Just brilliant.”

2016 Workshop participant

inspiring success through resilience

The course includes:

  • A personalised Resilience Diagnostic report (online self-assessment with results debriefed in the workshop)
  • Evidence-based, best-practice tools for overcoming stress and fatigue and rejuvenating performance
  • Resilience Diagnostic report


“More than education, more than experience, more than training, it is resilience which makes the difference between success and failure”


“Everyone needs resilience in life, you never know what you are up for next. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what you have been through. Resilience is a skill that’s needed throughout your whole life”

“Very beneficial to those with high pressure jobs and trying to juggle these with the day to day stresses of life”

“One of the best workshops I’ve attended and came away with renewed energy and passion as I now possess the tools to get the best out of me”

“Best course I have ever attended”

“Peta was fantastic – She was engaging and personalised situations to suit the moment…”

“I thought the workshop was fantastic”

“Peta is one of the best speakers I’ve experienced”

– Workshop Participants



Why do we expect ourselves, and others, to race from deadline to deadline thinking that we are thriving, when in reality we are hardly surviving? The constant juggle – at work and at home – information overload, deadlines, competitive pressures, change. It can lead to confusion, disengagement, distress and depression.

According to the Harvard Business Review, more than education, more than experience and more than training, it is resilience that makes the difference between success and failure. Why? Because resilient people can constantly reinvent themselves and bring their whole selves to work.

With resilience you can remain calm and optimistic. You can stop being at the mercy of your environment. Rather than shrinking from adversity, you will be able to embrace the challenge and find opportunity.

‘Developing and Sustaining High Performance‘ is a NAWO Endorsed Professional Development Programs. Presented by the Resilience Institute, it is an evidence-based, integral method for professional and personal performance and fulfilment that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to achieve sustainable high performance with health and happiness.

Developing and Sustaining High Performance – what you will learn

Developing and Sustaining High Performance is an interactive learning workshop that introduces participants to the fundamentals of resilience and explores four key areas:

Stress Mastery
Maintaining calm, alertness and engagement.

Physical Vitality
Building energy, strength and endurance.

Performance Mindset
Aligning your mind and emotions for performance.

Spirit in Action
Authentic happiness and integral daily practice.

This hands-on, one day workshop is about moving beyond coping to thriving. You will leave this program motivated and engaged, with practical changes to make immediately.

Most people think of resilience as being tenacity: the ability to get back to level zero. We think it’s more than that. We define resilience as one’s learned ability to have:

Enthused by challenge and change

Develop talents and opportunity

Respect and care for others and nature

Toughness and recovery skills in adversity

You will learn about resilience assets and associated disciplines, and emerge energised and with practical tools to begin using immediately.

Facilitator – Peta Sigley, Principal

Peta Sigley is a Principal with The Resilience Institute in Australia. She has an extensive business management background including human resources, having worked in large corporations (transport and banking) education and a philanthropic youth organisation, with particular focus on indigenous projects. Her academic credentials include economics, psychology and counselling.

Facilitator – Madeleine Shaw, Senior Manager (NSW)

Madeleine Shaw is a Senior Manager with The Resilience Institute. In her previous career as a lawyer, she worked with leading firms in Sydney, San Francisco and a multi-national corporation.

Madeleine is a qualified executive coach (accredited with the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership), a speaker and facilitator. She works extensively with banks, law firms, financial services organisations, educators, manufacturing and FMCG companies and the public sector.

About the Resilience Institute

Over 50,000 people worldwide have taken a program with the Resilience Institute. The Resilience Institute presents a global framework for companies to help their employees and their organisation progress toward higher performance, supported by its practical, evidenced-based, integral approach to uplifting human potential. The Resilience Institute works with people and organisations (of all sizes and industries,


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