Councillor, Greater Shepparton City

Seema Abdullah is a councillor at Greater Shepparton City Council. By profession, she is a certified Project Manager. Her 20-year career has spanned Pakistan, Malaysia and Australia, incorporating myriad roles. She has been a Senior Consultant at IBM Australia and an IT Project Manager at The Rural Health Academic Centre, University of Melbourne. Seema has also been associated as a part-time teacher and guest speaker at universities both in Australia and overseas.

Seema completed her Masters in Business Administration in Islamabad, Pakistan, where she began her career in the public sector. She won a Commonwealth Scholarship to study in an additional Masters Program at London School of Economics, returning from the United Kingdom with a Masters degree in Information Systems.

Seema lived in Malaysia for nearly seven years before migrating to Melbourne in 2004 with her husband and two young children. She was employed in Melbourne for five years before settling in Shepparton in 2009. Since then, Seema has been actively engaged in her local community and was elected a councillor in local government elections in 2016.

Seema is a firm believer and a proponent of women’s skill development in all aspects of life such as personal growth, work, career and community. She is a member of Greater Shepparton Women’s Charter Alliance Advisory Committee (GSWCAAC) and also the Charter Champion. Seema is keen to play a stronger role on matters related to women’s participation and leadership development in the local community.

In May 2017, Seema was appointed as the Chairperson of Goulburn Valley Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG). The Group’s role is to facilitate and advise best practices to local councils, industry and local communities in waste minimisation, improved resource recovery infrastructure, and joint procurement across the region.

Seema also represents Greater Shepparton as Deputy Chair on the Board of Goulburn Valley Regional Libraries and she is a councillor appointment on Greater Shepparton Heritage Advisory Committee.

Seema values her strong cultural roots in Pakistan and embraces all that is beautiful and positive in her adopted country of Australia. Her interests include listening to music, singing, theatre, gardening and reading.

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