Shaan Ross-Smith and Anoushka Dowling

MATE Bystander Program, Griffith University

Over 24 years of combined corporate experience in the Queensland public service, Shaan has spent 16 years of her 19 year professional career working with perpetrators and victims of domestic and sexual violence through the criminal justice system.

Prior to joining the MATE team Anoushka worked for seven years in Human Resources for the Department of Education - overseeing Principals and their management of staff.

Now with 3+ years of working together, they have developed and facilitated the MATE program across Australia and New Zealand, within the mining, government, military, NFPO and private corporates.

Together they have an understanding about primary prevention approaches to violence that is unique in Australia. Their moto is to ‘meet people where they are at’ – recognising that when it comes to violence prevention, particularly the prevention of violence against women & racism, everyone is at a different starting point.

Anoushka continues to work with men convicted of domestic violence related offences through a behaviour change program on the Gold Coast. Shaan is also the Chair of the Board for DVConnect - Queensland's 24/7 crisis service for women escaping domestic violence. This service also hosts a mens line, sexual assault line and 1800Respect Queensland.

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