Regional and Transport Manager, BP Australia

Having over 20 years experience in the oil industry, I have developed deep experience in the fuels sales business in multiple areas including: Safety, Supply, Fuels Innovation, Quality and Security, B2C Operations and Management, B2B Sales.

I currently lead a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced sales professionals who spend time getting to know their customers' business and are driven to find ways to innovate and help them improve efficiency in fuel usage and build true partnerships that deliver genuine savings.

I choose to work in Sales & Marketing for three main reasons: diversity of roles, massive opportunity and an ability to commit to the customer.

I have been fortunate to work in the BP world since 1996. During that time, I have enjoyed a number of significant development opportunities. Amongst the most significant has been training as a Master Root Cause Specialist which enables me to support investigating tragic events such as fatalities ( I have completed 2). If you need any encouragement to be safe at work this focuses you. I have also completed the ANZ Emerging Talent program which both stretched me and gave me further skills in leadership and personal awareness. Each role has delivered new skills and success from retail capability, supply economics, commercial acumen and more.

As I was growing up my family moved many times, 8 times before I was 15, including overseas. I spent time in different schools with different curriculums, experienced different cultures and social hierarchies. This has no doubt helped me be more confident in unusual circumstances and to have more confidence in myself and greater resilience.

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