Tania Montesin

Senior Management Consultant, Dupont Sustainable Solutions

With two decades’ experience in Manufacturing and Supply Chain management in diverse industries, Tania developed an in-depth understanding of Manufacturing and Supply Chain management and the important role they play in business efficiency and profitability.

Tania most recently joined Dupont Sustainable Solutions. Her previous role was with the Woolworths group as Head of Operational Excellence, Supply Chain, where she led a team focused on innovation and continuous improvement of the distribution and Value Chain functions in one of Australia’s largest Distribution and Supply Chain operations. In her earlier role as Regional Manufacturing Operations Manager at Asahi Beverages, where she was responsible for managing four widely distributed manufacturing sites, Tania was involved in the implementation of Industry 4 methodologies and practices integrating people capability with emerging technologies.

Tania is passionate about Value Chain integration and Operational excellence and sees it as the new frontier for manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike. Organisations are entering an unprecedented period of exciting but disruptive change. Equally her passion for driving diversity and inclusion through her extensive involvement with the National Association of Women in Operations sees her fulfil her ambitions of supporting the next generation in bringing new ideas, diverse thinking and embracing strength-based leadership for better balance.

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