With the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, there have been fundamental shifts in the way that we are required to live and work. This blended digital and webinar program is evidence-based and provides practical strategies to build resilience and sustain mental health during this challenging time and beyond.

Exclusive to NAWO members – a one hour complimentary coaching session is included in this outstanding program.
This Blended Digital Resilience Program, brought to you by Springfox comprises:
  • Five interactive webinars through September: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th
  • Resilience Diagnostic App and individual coaching
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Inspiring professional communication

At Springfox we are more than trainers, we are examples of human resilience.  We have personally experienced the common pressures that people experience day-to-day in work and life. We find it is these individual stories that make our work instantly relatable for our participants.

Your facilitator, Simon Cook’s, passion lies in inspiring individuals to strive to be the best version of themselves that they can be, thereby enabling teams of all sizes and types – including remote teams – to achieve a sustainable level of high performance by actively supporting each other.

Why is resilience important?

When life is challenging, resilience helps us to stay calm, clear, effective and adaptive in the moments that count. Resilience allows us to bounce-back in adversity, connect with others, and discover flow in our life and work.

“Our data shows that prior to this global pandemic, Australian organisations were already experiencing high levels of confusion, distress and vulnerability coming in to 2020. Now more than ever, your people need support to build personal and organisational practices to master stress, thrive through change and challenge and enhance mental health, well-being and performance.” Peta Sigley – Chief Knowledge Officer, Springfox

What are the participant outcomes?

The program will provide an understanding of what resilience is and its importance both in and out of a work environment.  Participants will have tools and insights to better;

RECOGNISE and promote personal resilience characteristics

PRIORITISE HEALTH and mental well-being as a driver of positive work and life outcomes

MASTER STRESS to be better equipped to thrive in changing and challenging situations, and be

HIGHLY MOTIVATED to apply practical skills that apply to their own personal priorities and challenges

Program Overview

Our established, data privacy compliant, Digital Solution includes over 50 micro-learning resilience videos and incorporates our Resilience Diagnostic instrument (assessing 60 resilience factors). It is accessible both online and via our Resilience App.

Our webinars are integrated with the Digital Solution and are a platform for participants to connect, communicate and collaborate. Participants have a hub of resources available at their fingertips, whenever and wherever is convenient to them.

Webinar Modules

INTRODUCTION TO RESILIENCE: Overview; Definition of Resilience; Overview of the Resilience Model; Downward Spiral and its impacts on Mental Health; Resilience Diagnostic Debrief

STRESS MASTERY: Pressure versus Performance; Causes of Stress; Biofeedback – Breath Exercise

ENERGISE BODY: Sleep Architecture and Principles; Importance of Nutrition and Exercise

TRAIN MIND: Emotional Self Awareness; Impulse Control; Thinking Styles; Choices Model

FLOW: Priorities; Finding Meaning in Life

Resilience App

Resilience Diagnostic – pre and post program assessment; Interactive Spiral; Video Series; Video Training; Goal Setting; Meditation; Chatbot

Video Series Episodes

BOUNCE: Define Resilience; Science and Practice; Resilience Diagnostic; How Resilience Fails; Rapid Bounce; Breath Control; Tactical Calm; Relaxation

GROW: Healthy Vitality; Sleep and Fatigue; Sleep; Nutrition; Impulse Control; Positivity; Attention Control; Integral Daily Practice

CONNECT: Emotional Intelligence; Insights (self-awareness); Mastery; Empathy; Emotional Literacy; Style Flexibility; Influence

FLOW:  Optimal Performance, The State of Flow; Finding Flow; Deliberate Practice; Situation Awareness; Situation Agility; Development Planning

Individual Coaching

PERSONALISED DEBRIEF: 1 Hour Resilience Diagnostic Debrief; Personalised Insights; Goal Setting



Join NAWO and @MDLZ as we discuss the highs and ‘how tos’ of leading diverse teams, and how to find the ‘sweet spot’ for your team in a global pandemic and other uncertain times. For more info and to book your spot:

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