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Everything we do at NAWO is working towards our vision  – a world where women and men can be equally represented and valued at every level. And we are constantly evaluating and refining our offerings in order to build the momentum of this journey – for our individual and corporate members and for our society.

We work hard to inspire women at each stage of their career journey – from graduates to senior leadership in the operational sector or operational roles – to take charge of their own careers and achieve their chosen career goals.

In addition to supporting women, NAWO strives to inspire our member companies to generate practical solutions to attracting, retaining and developing their pipeline of female talent.


Our research found there are key areas where female leaders benefit from additional insight and learning. Therefore, our events and programs are built around five key learning priorities.

Exclusive to members, NAWO’s professional development programs are designed to nurture female potential and talent in order to fill the pool of women in senior leadership. These programs draw on the knowledge and skills of our extensive network of male and female industry leaders, as well as professional training providers, and are invaluable for accelerating career potential amongst participants.

Mentoring Circles

NAWO’s flagship mentoring program partners exceptional male and female leaders with small groups of high potential, mid-career women to guide them through a series of sessions designed to hone their leadership skills and readiness. Applications now open for March 2016 commencement. 

Creating Unstoppable Teams

Designed specifically for senior leaders, this ten month program challenges participants to reflect honestly on their strengths and areas for development in order to develop insightful leadership techniques and harness the language of leadership – the key to creating and inspiring unstoppable teams.

NAWO’s calendar of events covers each of our member states and is geared towards developing the pipeline of women in operational roles and businesses. There are three types of events:Quick bites

Quick Bites: Short, affordable and highly engaging, NAWO Quick Bites are informative morsels that are hosted by NAWO member organisations and presented by recognised industry leaders.

Professional development

Professional Development Events: These practical events are designed to expand networks, share knowledge and inspire innovation in promoting gender diversity in leadership.

industry solutions

Industry Solutions Events: Designed to generate high level conversations and debate, based on solid research and practical knowledge, these events are facilitated by an experienced leader and bring together small groups of senior leaders to provide a forum for developing practical solutions to gender diversity challenges.

What are the key facts relating to women in leadership? Click here to view more key statistics and access our library of online resources.

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